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Our Pledge To You

The Certass Trade Association (CTA) recognises that our industry is faced with a lack of reliable support, an ageing workforce, market challenges that limit professionalism when being competitive and a poor industry reputation.

Our industry needs a membership body that is focused on improving the support and information given to the local installer vested in doing a good job for the consumer.

CTA aims to redefine the perception of our industry. Our goal is to ensure its long-term ability to stand on its own reputation as a skilled occupation vested in delivering the latest innovations and service practice to the housing market.

We pledge to collaborate with others who exemplify our core principles dedicated to improving the industry. To champion those who perform well, helping local businesses progress and flourish, and improving engagement between contractor and consumer. Through working with our members and like-minded industry bodies, CTA is committed to:

Your Pledge To Consumers

A trade association is to represent you. As such we have to have a consumer position. CTA has created a member code of conduct. This is a high level, key principles code that will not adversely affect your business but will allow a position to market the association to consumers.